Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Last Soirée

Last night we had The Last Soirée, our graduation ball up at Hotel Bankov, a spa hotel a few miles outside the city.

It was so nice to have everyone together for the last time and just a lot of fun. The guys who organised it did an amazing job with the venue, we had a rolling slideshow of all our photos and they gave out awards; I was beat to Class Clown and got Mr Steal Your Girl ‘cos of a silly conference story.

We all thought the awards were hilarious and downed our drinks with pride, apart from one person who stormed out - we all know actions have consequences haha

Group 4, my rotation group...

I’ve been really lucky with my group and generally we all get on really well.
On paper you wouldn’t put us together but we have loads of big personalities, know our strengths, how to work with each other and because we don’t care what other people think we have a proper laugh together ...and I think we’re the strongest performing group in States 💃

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