Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Linnaeus Graduate Development Programme

Today was the first day of our Linnaeus Graduate Development Programme. We had a welcome mixer last night, stayed over in a hotel then headed to Willows Referrals this morning.

I did a couple weeks work experience at Willows years ago before I did any clinical training so didn’t really appreciate the facilities at the time and they’ve had a big extension since.

The GDP day was good, we met the team, spoke about the grad scheme and then did some VDS Training.

The best park of working for Mars Petcare is free chocolate on every table!

We did DISC Profiling which I’ve done with VDS a couple of times before and love - this time we did an online questionnaire and I got the same results ...High I!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Month 3 of New Grad Vet Life

It’s been a while since I updated but I’m into month three of #FirstVetJob and loving it!

I’ve settled well into practice life and really enjoy working with my team. I’ve finally got the hand of our computer system, the way everyone works and how the practice runs.
Work wise I’m happier consulting, have developed a patter and know my limits of when I need to ask for a second vets opinions. Surgically I’m much happier doing flank cat spays but have yet to tackle a bitch spay as we do quite a few laparoscopic spays in my practice so just need to get some booked in for me.

We work on an eight week rota so I did my first two Saturdays then a full weekend working and on call; followed by a week off. I went to Lisbon for the week with my brother and a friend for a well needed rest

Walking through the streets we stumbled upon a shop window with this beauty sat in it

Jen lives in the shop and spends her time in the window modelling the latest fashions