Saturday, November 22, 2008


I've been up to the turkey farm today, and I havent seen them since they were a few days old, and the change is (obviously) massive.
Turkeys in the barn (click to enlarge)
The different breeds have now been more obvious apart from the colour, because they are still different colours, and they are different sizes now.
The males have a bigger wattle under their chins, and they are generally bigger birds.
They are all free-range turkeys - they are let out in the morning and put themselves to bed and then locked up at night, so that they are safe from foxes.
John + the turkeys

Free ranging in the field

Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Practice

I've done a few days of work experience this week at a vets in Bourneville, about 35 minutes away from me. My mom has been dropping me off there, because she works in Birmingham so it's not too far for her.
It's been really good because I've known one of the vets there for years, so I've been able to ask him questions and things like that, and then he offered for me to go there and see practice with him in March, and now I'm back again.

I've seen a lot of operations and sat in on consultations with a few of the vets. There were a lot of castrations/spays, and lots of people coming in for booster vaccinations.There was only really 2 emergencies which came in, a puppy with parvo virus, and a spaniel with its leg cut open. The parvo case was interesting, as it was a new puppy to the owners, and they bought it in, it was kept in overnight and treated with a drip. It had runny/bloody diarrhea and the bloods sent off to the lab had low white blood levels. We were having to disinfect everthing as we went as it was so contageous, and wear gloves and the puppy was kept in isolation so the risk to other dogs was really low. Unfortunately it died and the owners contacted the breeders, who didn't accept responsibility.

I saw a few animals being put to sleep, which isn't nice, but has to be done. If they're in a lot of pain, sometimes its the kindest thing for the animal.