Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chicken Dispatch, Gut + Bone course

I went to Banbury today on the train on a course to learn how to Dispatch, Pluck, Gut + bone chickens - was held at Cotswold Chickens.
It was a good day + good course, I was in the first group, then stayed to help out for the rest of the day with the courses + in the shop :)

We had to dispatch a chicken using the broomstick method, which was quick and easy to do, then stop the chicken flapping by holding it close to you. I thought it was all done in a really good way, and Alison explained everything properly.

We then plucked our chickens sat round the table and once they were done, put away for me to do the rest at home.
A Blue Peter moment and we were all given chickens that were dispatched and plucked on Thursday. We learnt how to gut a chicken which was ok, then how to bone it.
Gutting was fine - its a lot smaller than the turkeys though! I was rubbish at the boning and it took a long time to do, so probably won't do it again, but it was good to see how you do it.

Watching people gut and bone on the courses after us was really helpful to watch, to remember how to do it all and take it in properly.
Sold a few bits and bobs in the shop and gently encouranged a few people to buy a few more hens ;)

At the end of the day we went to the pub for a meal to meet a few Omleteers :)
It was quite strange to recognise people all day that I'd never met before and feel that you 'know' them.

Raising meat birds would be something I want to do - but Mom + Dad aren't sure because they think I wouldn't do it and they'd become pets. I really like the idea of knowing exactly where your meat has come from and what has gone into it - as long as we didn't name them, it should be ok ... and we may have a spare eglu next spring ;)
Thanks to everyone - especially Clare for ferrying me around all day!
Got a few (delightful ;) ) pictures off Clare I though I'd add: