Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Acceptance Letter

It's all becoming very real now...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

BBC Gardeners' World Live 2014

I've attended BBC Gardeners' World Live this week at the NEC with PoultryTalk and had a great show.

We were there to educate the public about pure breeds of poultry, the massive variation in size, shape and colour, as well as promoting chicken keeping in the back garden enviroment.

There are many advantages to having chickens in the garden such as free manure for vegetables and the compost heap, fresh eggs every morning, a free weeding and slug control service and most of all, they make great pets with massive personalities.

The main feature of our stand was ChickenWall, a giant display showing photographs of 60 Pure Breed Chickens in the UK.
We also took along some day old chicks and a selection of adult birds to show the variation of breeds and to allow people to interact with them.

So many people came over to the stand throughout the week to say they didn't realise chickens were so big or that they thought chickens only came in the bog standard red hybrid variety people associate with battery hens.

It was also lovely to hear the older generations come over to the stand to tell us about how they used to keep a flock of Rhode Island Reds or Light Sussex when they were growing up.

The team have spent the last few months working hard to publish a new book, The Poultry Handbook and after launching at the start of the week we had copies of the book at the show for people to see in the flesh; and it had an amazing response.

I gave a few talks throughout the week in the VIP Lounge followed by a Q&A session.
I took along a few Belgian Bantams with me who stole the show and were definitely centre of attention!

He even got to meet Monty Don and Carol Klein...

Looking forward to next year already!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Welsh Poultry Dispatch Course

I've been back to Aber this weekend to run another poultry dispatch course.
The weather was a bit miserable on the drive up but as soon as I hit Wales the sun came out and I wished I'd never left...
We had 5 people on the course which was a good number - enough so people were able to chat amongst themselves while I helped others and they could all ask questions as we went along.

We dispatched and plucked in Angela's next goat shed which was really bright and airy. Ideal for the goats and ideal for the course!

Then after cake and a break we moved into The Tavern for the gutting.

I'll spare you all the gorey dissection pictures but I did take loads to help people gut at home.

Looks pretty good considering he was running around a field this morning, even if I so say so myself!

I went into Aber on the way home and drove down seafront.
It's all changed following the storms earlier in the year but they've done really well to get it back to how it was. Obviously the band stand is gone and a few walls have yet to be rebuilt but I felt at home being back in Aber and can't wait for my next visit!