Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lambing ?

I've been trying to find a placement Lambing for the last few weeks, and haven't really got very far. I had a look on the internet and phoned all the places I could find, most can't take me or have already started/finished Lambing.

The only experience I have with sheep and lambing at the moment is at Ash End - I saw one sheep lamb which didn't need any help. They also take in 6 cade lambs (abandoned my their mothers) every year, so I've bottle fed those from a few days old with the help of visitors to the farm.

I asked the careers people at school who at first thought burst out laughing I was joking, and then suggested "to try a placed called Ash End Farm who had 100's of sheep" - I told them I worked there last year and they don't do Lambing as such as they only have a few sheep which are put to the Ram separately for a week at a time, so only have 1 lamb born every few weeks.

Then I tried one place called 'Lamb Farm', and when I asked about a possible lamb placement the man on the other end of the phone just laughed at me and said they didn't have any sheep!? :S
So then I found an organisation called the National Sheep Association, who I emailed and they sent me a list of all the farms who need help Lambing. After sending out about 20 emails to farms I have finally found a place in Kings Bromley (about 40 minutes away) who I can go and help, or they are asking their relatives who have a farm in Hints (15 minutes away) if they need any help.
Hopefully I'll hear something soon!