Friday, March 29, 2019

First job interview

I had my first proper job interview for a graduate veterinary job with Vets4Pets this afternoon and I think it went really well.

I was a bit undecided about what to wear as I'm not really a formal kinda guy and I know people have been asked to jump into consults and stuff during longer interviews. I wore chinos, a smart jumper and brown leather shoes but I guess if anyone is in the same position and wondering, chinos and a shirt would have been fine.

The clinic is about an hour away so I got there with plenty of time (over half an hour early), grabbed a coffee from the petrol station around the corner and then arrived bang on time.
The staff were great, I was waiting in Reception for a few mins at the start so chatted to an elderly man in the waiting room; his dog was in surgery and he was as nervous as I was!

The actual interview was pretty relaxed. We chatted about my unusual route into Vet Med, the JVP grew up in the same town as me and then just a bit about their set up and how they're linked to a couple of other clinics in the area.

Their website doesn't really give much away as it's all "Coming soon" but I was really impressed with the facilities. They have endoscopy and do lap spays as standard which is something I'd love to learn (and not mentioned on the website so an added bonus), dental x-ray as standard and three consult rooms. Downstairs is a bit cramped but upstairs isn't used to there's room for expansion up there to free up space.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

A week of interviews

I'm back in the UK this week as we had our Pigs State last week so have a bit of time off and it coincides nicely with BSAVA Congress.

I've had a few phone interviews over the last of couple months and luckily been offered five job interviews in a variety of practices (Vets4Pets, IVC, CVS and an independent) which I've managed to book while I'm home.
Once I'd got a couple of interviews I was happy, then I was offered a couple more which I couldn't really turn down as I've only recently applied! I think it will be good to attend them all to see how the different practices work, interview and what they have to offer ...I'm never one to turn down an opportunity!

Five interviews sounds like a lot but I've been quite picky with the practices and would be happy to work at any of them; they all have good facilities, lots of surgery and well qualified teams who I think I could learn a lot from.
The teams range from 3 vets & 3 nurses to 22 vets & 32 nurses so they'd be very different clinics to work in so we shall see what gets offered...

First interview is tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Diseases of Pigs State Exam

We’ve just sat our penultimate exam of vet school, the Diseases of Pigs State Exam.

After a month off for Christmas and a pretty chilled rotation block I found it hard to get back into study mode but in classic Lewis style I crammed it all and passed - with an A!

Monday, March 18, 2019


It's been a long time since I've posted about falconry, mainly just because it's a normal part of my life now and I forget to take photos!

I needed a photo of falconry equipment for my Diploma Thesis so who better to use than Františka...
Female Harris’ Hawk Parabuteo unicinctus shown hooded and tethered to a falconry glove with anklets, dacron jesses, swivel and leash

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Castle Sundays: Šariš Castle

Back once again with Castle Sundays and this time we visited Šariš Castle above the town of Velky Šariš near Prešov, about a 40 minute drive from Košice - I don't think I've ever typed so many š's in one sentence before!
Céline got a bit car sick but we were prepared with bags so nothing to clean up this week.
The castle was about a 45 minute walk from the car park and is 570m above sea level so pretty decent views from up there.

Once again we had Annica the photographer who got some awesome shots of the dogs
Céline on top of the totem pole
Winnie and Céline posing on a bench
and my favourite, Henry on Kolin who is trying his hardest to smile

Apparently there wasn't enough castle in last weeks Castle Sundays so we tried...

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Last day on the uni farm

We’ve reached the end of an era, Group 4's last day at Zemplinska Teplicka the university farm.
We started off vaccinating and castrating a load of piglets and then did pregnancy diagnosis of sows and vaccinated some bigger animals.
The very last pig to vaccinate was the big boar so a few of the girls went in to do it together. As soon as he stood up they ran away scared so I (pretending to be) confidently walked in and (absolute fluke!) managed to do it first time.

One of the teachers was watching us and said I was excellent so I asked if it deserved an A in the State exam 😂

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Castle Sundays: Obišovce Castle

Slovakia has the highest number of castles per person in the world so it's only right that we visit a few...
Today we had a family day out to Obišovce Castle with five of the dogs, all from the shelter, including Nathan the puppy who is up for adoption.

Annica look these photos and I can't get over how cute they are!
Kolin, Henry and Céline...