Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Home for Christmas

For Christmas I got gig tickets, loads of socks (think Happy Socks with animals etc) and a Burchell’s Zebra skull...

Now I don’t know many people who had a zebra skull on their Christmas list but it’s exactly what I wanted and very #vetstudent.

I decorated my room over the summer and have started a gallery wall so he sits in the corner of my desk to complete that

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cologne Christmas Markets

A few months ago WizzAir started flying from Košice to Cologne for €9.99 each way. A few of us from uni booked to go for my birthday weekend and friends from home booked flights to meet us there.

We did the usual touristy stuff and visited all of the Christmas markets. They're all so busy and overpriced that you just find yourself shuffling round the whole thing in a crowd of people and don't actually buy anything, except copious amounts of mulled wine and cheese.

I went to Cologne years ago with school so wasn't aware of it at the time but they have a system where you go into a bar and they bring you a little 200ml beer. As you finish them they bring more and the waiter adds a tally to your bar mat so you know how many to pay for when you leave.
It's a neat concept and means you always have a fresh cold beer!