Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Full day of Uni plus Falcons

It's been a 12 hour day on campus for me today!

We started with our Slovak lesson at 7am, a 2 hour Microbiology lecture, 2 hour Microb practical, hours gap, 2 hour Genetics lecture and then finished with Anatomy self-study at 7pm!

Had a really good day though and its nice to keep busy and actually feel like I'm learning (and remembering) stuff!

Sian and I did pop down to Falconry and Raptor club in our break before Genetics.
Meet Duckie the Peregrine Falcon:

and Frantiska, the Harris Hawk:

Monday, September 29, 2014

Life of a Vet Student

Revising bones of the Thoracic Limb...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Falconry & Raptor Rehabilitation Club

I went down to Falconry & Raptor Club with Michelle who's in charge of the club this morning and got a chance to meet the birds.

She quickly showed me how they do the Falconers knot but I think it'll take quite a bit of practice to get the hang of it!

I got to hold Duckie the Peregrine Falcon - he got his name 'cos he's always chatting and quacking away!

They also have two Kestrels, a partially blind Gyr/Gyr-Saker hybrid called Bear and two new additions they're working with are a Harris Hawk and a Goshawk.

They aren't actively looking for new people to the club this year but Michelle said I should be able to shadow people for a few weeks to learn the basics, see if I like it and then I can think about joining! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Early start

We were up in the middle of the night again this morning for a Slovak lecture starting at 7am!
The lesson went surprisingly well as the teacher was really nice and had perfect English - we were surprised at how many words we'd picked up in just a few weeks of being here.
Favourite word so far is Pivo ...beer.

It's gotten considerably colder over the last week and everyone's gone from wearing tshirts and shorts to trousers and hoodies!
We went down to try and find out if we can help out with the uni's horses in the stables attached to the large animal clinic but couldn't find anyone to speak to, let alone someone who speaks English.

I'm going down to tag along with the president of Falconry Club on Sunday to see what they get up to and if its something I'd like to join.
Really looking forward to going and meeting the birds so hope I like it!

I've still not managed to find out about Breeders Club which was mentioned in the prospectus who breed Pigeons, Quail and Chickens for exhibitions but that sounds like something right up my street!
I was planning on bringing my little Brinsea incubator over after Christmas and hatching some chicks in my room like we did in Aber but it doesn't seem like its needed!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Extracurricular Activities

Today, I made hoummous and it was amazing! My breath stinks of garlic, my room stinks of garlic and my hands probably stink of garlic but it was so worth it!

I devoured a mountain of it with a pile of salad + balsamic vinegar :)

I've spent the last hour doing my Latin homework for this week which wasn't difficult, it just took a long time sorting it all out.

I get bored if I have nothing to do so we joined a gym in town last week and I've been looking at 'Interest Clubs' today - the equivalent of societies in UK Uni's - to get some extracurricular hobbies and meet new people.
The Falconry and Raptor Rehabilitation Club sounds really interesting but they aren't looking for any new members this semester - I sent one of the girls a message on Facebook just asking on the off chance and they're happy for me to tag along, see what its all about and if it's something I'd like to join!
A friend has falcons and raptors and used to post lots of pictures on facebook of them out flying and hunting - the bond she had with them looks amazing and something I've always wanted to try. At the moment she has a Goshawk which needs working every day otherwise apparently they go back to their wild state!

Uni have an stable yard next the equine clinic so we're going to see if we can help out there too as I know some people do down and groom the horses, turn them out to pasture and stuff so would be good to get more confidence with loads more horses.
Apparently there's also a 'Breeders Club' who breed chickens, quail, pigeons and guinea pigs for exhibiting and a 'Beekeepers Club' but I've not spoken to or heard anyone talk about those yet.

I also had an interview last weekend with a guy who runs an English teaching school here and was looking for native speakers.
He's offered me 5 classes this week and I can choose to take them all or just take the ones I want - the classes are an 18 year old boy, 21 yo girl, adult female, adult couple and a class of 7-9 year olds.
I think the adults can already speak basic English and are just looking for conversational English which would be fine but not sure about the children. I've said I'll go along and try one lessons and I can always change my mind if the workload gets too much.
At the moment 5 hours a week doesn't sound too much and every penny (or euro) helps when you're a student!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dorm Crawl weekend

Today was pretty much a complete write off 'cos we had a Dorm Crawl party last night, starting on 9th floor and making our way down the building visiting various rooms.
A bottle of Vodka is €3 so you can guess how eventful the night was...

We went to Club Ibiza at about 1am and I don't really remember much apart from it being rammed full of people and full of cigarette smoke as they smoke indoors here - maybe somewhere to avoid in future.

This afternoon we went into town to get Subway and to try and find a few bits and came back with nothing we went for.

I want an Academic Planner/man diary and have been one on Amazon for £5 but they want £7.50 to deliver it to Slovakia.
Roxie wants a plug for her sink and nowhere seems to sell them - same with Mosquito nets for our windows, lots of places have them on their windows but we want to buy them and they just don't exist in the shops?!

We've only been in Slovakia for 2 weeks and I'm already missing things from home - all the shops have amazing bakery sections with wierd and wonderful breads, right angled pain au chocolat but they don't do cookies, also houmous doesn't exist in Slovakia so I've bought chickpeas, garlic and lemon to make my own.
We did go into Marks & Spencer in town and they have an M&S Food shop! We stocked up on all the essentials; Breakfast tea bags, Percy Pigs, chicken soup and chocolate digestives.

About 6 months ago and before I knew I was coming, I bought tickets to see Sam Smith in October for me and the brothers but now I'm here I don't know if I'll be able to get home for it.
It's on a Tuesday so would mean missing a couple lectures, flying into London and then getting the train up to Nottingham then getting back to London and flying back to Kosice - apart from the long journey it's also money I don't have to waste on flights at the moment so might have to miss out this time :/

Friday, September 19, 2014

First week at Vet School

The first week at vet school has flown by and although it wasn't what I expected, I think it was better.

I can't get over or express how nice the years above have been in looking after us, getting us settled in and sharing stories.
When we were at the airport they sorted out taxi's for us, they've shown us cclassrooms, where to go for cheap printing/photocopying and every few hours on the UVM Facebook there's offers of books, notes and revision material being given away for various modules.
So many people have invited us in for a chat, brew, to give us notes on a memory stick - someone even gave me a set of laptop speakers for free so we can watch films 'cos they had 2 pairs!

It's strange going back to the classroom environment after a year out and lectures are all 2 hours but apart from having to get up for 7am lectures twice a week I'm enjoying it!
 Our Genetics lecturer is German so quite heavily accented and speaks quietly so we had to concentrate on hearing him as well as understanding what he was trying to get across but all other lecturers have been really good.
The Anatomy lecturer has great spoken English and really knows her subject so that was interesting and that lecture flew past - it helped that we have a 2 hour Anatomy practical straight after the lecture so it's all fresh in our minds and we can apply it to real bones etc and anything we didn't understand in the lecture we can recap in the practical.

We've put in for Exemptions in 3 subjects, Anatomy, Physiology and Immunology, as we covered those quite a lot in Animal Science - it basically means that we still go to all lectures, practicals and do mid-term Credit tests but instead of having 120 topics we'll be examined on in the Final Exam, we could have those cut down to a dozen topics that we'll be examined on.
The requests are submitted to professors/heads of department along with the syllabus from our previous modules and our results and can take a few weeks to hear back but here's hoping!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Early start!

Day 3 of Vet School and this morning we were up at 6.30 for a 7.15am Anatomy lecture!
Once we'd got over the fact that we were up and in Uni during the middle of the night it was actually alright. The lecturers English was really good and she was really knowledgable so it was interesting listening to her and the 2 hour lecture went really quickly.

Straight after the lecture we had an Anatomy practical where we recapped what we'd gone through in the lecture using bones and pictures:

The Anatomy practical finished half an hour early so we had a break before Latin which was completely different to the 3 years of Latin I've done before.

I guess at school we just learnt to say "The man is in the hall", "The woman is in the kitchen" etc to learn cases where was now we're learning medical terms and how to structure words to say "Regions of the body" etc.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New arrivals

Sian and I walked to HyperTesco and I bought the Guppies a couple new additions; a plant, a Dwarf Gourami and a Catfish to keep their tank clean!

The walk was actually really nice, took about 25 minutes via a reservoir, along the train track and past a few fields so better than walking along boring streets!

I also spent a few hours this afternoon putting photos up around my room to make it a bit more homely...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Finally finished my room

So it's taken a good few days but I've finally finished painting my room and unpacked!

Decided to paint it all white + grey which looks a lot better than the orange it used to be!

I bought a "European Double" duvet which annoyingly is far too small and turns out I need a Super King size!? 
Bit annoying but I'll just put up with it for now.

I should probably introduce you to my roommates - they arrived on Friday before I'd even unpacked and bought my duvet...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Officially a Vet Student!

I've officially registered as a student of UVMP Košice!

We've had a hectic few days getting settled.
When we arrived at the airport on Tuesday there were some students on the same flight from years above and they sorted out our taxis to dorms for us. They've all been amazing help settling us in, taking us out for drinks and telling us where to buy paint, which shops to go to etc.

Me, Sian and Roxie who all went to Aberystwyth together all have rooms next to each other and we've spent the last 3 days decorating our rooms - when we arrived they were bright orange and yellow!
It's now white and grey but I need to unpack and get photos tomorrow as it looks like a building site at the moment!

I have the most amazing view from my room on the eighth floor...

...and I can't wait to see it in the Autumn and Winter.

We've been into town and to Tesco a couple times and as it was Roxie's birthday yesterday we went for a nice meal together at Napoli's which was really nice and really cheap!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moving to Vet School!

So, today is the day we start our journey at Vet School.

We're flying from Luton to Kosice and sorting out dorms etc when we arrive...

See you on the other side!