Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back to Aber for Lambing?

It's been ages since I've updated this blog so I thought I'd just post and keep it up to date.

Since graduating last summer I helped out at the theatre, worked a couple of festivals and then tried to find a 'real' job. I had a few interviews which I missed out on and then landed an office job at the end of September.
We were only ever meant to be set up as a temporary team until the end of December, which has now been extended until the end of March and I'm unsure what I'll be doing after that.

I'm really enjoying the office job but its not what I wanted to do and I really want to get back outside and working with animals!
I told my Team Leader I was thinking about leaving to go and ride around Wales on a quad bike chasing sheep and she thought I was joking but I've had two Lambing jobs in Aber for the last 3 years I thought I'd find out if I could go back.

I emailed the Uni farm to see if they'd advertised the positions yet, they were in the process of it so one of the girls off my course and I have both applied for the Night Lambing positions.
From our point of view we'll be free every night unlike the current students, we know the job (and are hopefully good at it!) and know the staff so would love to go back.

If we get offered it the Uni have digs we can stay in for a few weeks or we'll have to rent a cheap flat for a couple months.

Fingers crossed!