Saturday, June 30, 2018

Last ever Final exam!

Yesterday I had my last ever final exam which I guess means I'm now officially in Final year!

We 'only' have State exams left which are ~30min oral exams with a panel of 5 or 6 examiners.
I have one next Friday on Food Hygiene and Technology (which is as exciting as it sounds) and then from September we start rotation blocks. We'll have two solid weeks of lectures and then spendin 6 weeks in each clinic (Horses, Ruminants, Pigs, Smalls) with a State exam at the end of each block.

Unluckily for me (W surname ) I have the biggest and hardest exam (Small Animals) last so while everyone else will be enjoying summer I'll be stuck inside studying!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

New Bed

When I moved into my new house in September I had two single beds pushed together to make a double which had basically fallen to the floor with zero support so I bought myself a new bed on Amazon but as the saying goes; Buy cheap, buy twice ...and I did.

One of my friends is graduating so I bought her €600 bed for a bargain price. I've carried a double bed and two mattresses round the block. It’s too hot and I’m dying.
This is why I can’t be a large animal vet.
At least it's done now and I have two mattresses so I'm going to sleep like a king.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Contagious Diseases State

We’ve just had our State in Contagious Diseases and our group smashed it, we all passed and nearly everyone got an A.

I tried to study really hard for two weeks but the 30oC sunshine was a killer so most of the effective studying was done over the last four days.
I was a mess before the exam and being last in the alphabet meant I went in last but I picked a good question and the panel were really nice.
State exams for those that don’t know are the six final exams we have to do to pass vet school. We have two this summer and four next year which are split into species; Horses, Ruminants, Pigs and Small Animals.

One down, five States to go until we’re vets 🐶