Thursday, April 9, 2020

COVID-19 Update

It feels like the world is going mad at the minute with the COVID-19 situation and lockdown. My Dad became symptomatic after my last weekend On Call, he had a phone triage then had to visit the isolation facility who said they were 99% sure he had Corona (but wouldn’t test him unless admitted and critical); so I had to isolate from work for 14 days.

In typical timing our WiFi went down at home (luckily Virgin sent a new router and it was fixed in 3 days) so it started off pretty boring but after that it became the norm.

Linnaeus made a Working From Home group on Teams and put on almost daily interactive webinars for us which was great. A few of us from work logged on each day and learnt lots - and have lots of suggestions we can implement at work.

I started to get cabin fever (much like the rest of the world) so made sure I had a routine of getting up at a sensible time and taking Céline for a long walk every afternoon.
I caught up with so many friends that I message all the time but never get the chance to call and actually speak to, which was nice. Also did lots of video calls and Zoom chats to keep on contact with the real world!

I returned to work on Monday and it’s been a weird week. We’re only seeing emergencies and other consults are being done via telephone and video which has taken some getting used to.

I had a dog fight in on Tuesday which required a stitch up and yesterday I diagnosed my first dog with Horner’s Syndrome.