Sunday, June 10, 2007


The Health Inspector came on Monday and everything is ok - we passed.
I got there at 8.30 and Sam + Chrissie are away - Amy is covering for them.
We did the sheep and goat's hay, straws and waters (it seems strange to have no Mary) together then I went and got all the Heavies in, I was nearly late but did the first sit-ons with Paddy on time :)
We cleaned out the pigs and gave them all their food and water then did some goat kid walking with the children - they were jumping everywhere and even ran up the climbing frame!
After lunch I cleaned out the small duck ponds and then did some more sit-ons with Amy. While we were doing the sit-ons I saw a little boy kick a football from Tractor & Trike into the Lawrence the Llama's pen, so after I climbed over his gate to get it back, he normally runs outside into his little field but today he came over to me and let me stroke him because I had a little bucket of feed!
He used to be halter trained and Jenny would walk him around the farm, but after she had her children she had less time and he doesn't like the halter anymore :(
The belgian quail bantam house needed cleaning out so I did that and got attacked by the cockerel! He ran at Amy and cut her leg by jumping up at her - little man syndrome.
I took Sarah and Claudius out into the field and cleaned their stables then left at 4 o'clock.