Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 6: Midterm Credit Tests

We're halfway through Winter semester which means we have Midterm Credit Exams.
We had Microbiology on Monday, Anatomy of the skull tomorrow (Thursday) and Physiology on Friday.

I got 100% in my Microbiology exam and was genuinely shocked!
Don't think I've ever got 100% on an exam, especially when I'd only revised it the night before and the morning of... Short term memory for the win.

I predict Anatomy will not go so well 'cos its one of, if not, the hardest bone in the body.
To make the week even busier, we also have Matriculation Ceremony on Thursday and a field trip with Milk Hygiene on Friday!

There's been a bit of fuss about exams this week as Group 2 (my group) have 3 exams but Group 1 have none or 1 because we have half days for Matriculation and the field trip - theirs have been delayed a few weeks so not very fair that so have ours all together but at least they'll be over and done with.

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