Sunday, October 26, 2014

Milk Hygiene; Dairy Visit

This afternoon, straight after our Physiology exam, we went on a field trip to the University Dairy farm.

It's a 45min drive outside of Kosice and although the bus was something out of the 1950's the view was really nice.

They have 410 dairy cows in lactation so a decent sized farm.
They made us put on lab coats, wellies and hair nets (not typical dairy farmer attire) and showed us around the farm, the parlour and the milk room.
I was impressed with the parlour but the milk room could have done with several improvements... It wasn't the cleanest and the floor was broken etc but that's why we were there, to 'inspect' the hygiene of the place.

Afterwards they took us to see the young calves...

Very cute!
Apparently we'll be back again to see the other animals with different modules and might have to come back to stay over for calving which would be really good!

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