Monday, October 27, 2014

Bargain Books

We don't really use any textbooks here, this semester anyway, as the professors and lecturers write course specific textbooks for us that they sell for about €3.
It works really well when they're going through lectures so you can follow what they're talking about and if there's a bit of a language barrier with what they're trying to say, you can read the book which usually explains it pretty well.

I was in the library and spotted this book in the glass cabinet for €1.33...

It's a Slovak book but the English title is Atlas of Anatomy of Small Laboratory Animals 2.
It doesn't really matter that it's in Slovak because all the figures are labelled in Latin which is the language we learn all our anatomy in anyway!

Nom idea why they were so cheap and there was an Atlas 1 book to go with if but they'd sold it and I got the last copy of book 2!

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