Saturday, October 11, 2014

Long week of Vet School!

This week has been quite hard and think we deserve a decent weekend!

I passed my Histology exam which we had on Monday, I got 72% which is a C and also had an anatomy credit on Wednesday...
I thought I'd revised it well and went tested ourselves the night before and I was ok but when I got in there I freaked out. She asked me to pick up a Tibia from a pile of bones which I did but when I got a quarter of the way through naming parts of it, I just went blank. She tried to help me through it by asking questions but I just couldn't think straight.
Next she handed me a small bone and asked me to name it and I had no idea what it was called! I knew all the parts of it basis phalangis mediae, corpus phalangis mediae, caput phalanges mediae, tuberositas extensorius, fovea articularis but was completely plank on the name of the bone... the Medial Phalanx! Still, I managed to get a D which is about 65% and most importantly enough to pass!

I've been doing my adults English lessons on a Wednesday but was finding it too hard with Anatomy credit test on Thursday morning so have moved them to a Thursday. It worked really well this week 'cos I went straight from Uni to Didacticus for the kids lessons at 2 and my adults lessons don't start til 5 so I had an hour to kill in the middle to managed to get some anatomy notes written up for next week.
It means I was out the house 6.45am-7.30pm but when I got home there was a packet of M&S chocolate digestives waiting in my room as a present from Sian!

The girls stayed in last night but I went out with Niall and some of the older years to Jazz Club and had a really good night. Anthony is in second year and went to Leeds Uni with George my best friend from home - small world!

Sian and I spent 3 hours down at Falconry club today working with Clarence the Kestrel.
We flew him from his perch to a glove with a creance (long cord) which he was really good and and then tried glove to glove which was less successful - think he was getting confused with why 2 people were working him and probably getting a bit full up too!

Then tonight we've been out for Niamh's birthday; we went to Passage to India for a curry and the food was decent but we waited ages!
We got there at 7 and out food came out at 8.45, there was a big group of us but still it was getting ridiculous. The food was really tasty but the curry was tiny considering it was €7!

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