Friday, September 12, 2014

Officially a Vet Student!

I've officially registered as a student of UVMP Košice!

We've had a hectic few days getting settled.
When we arrived at the airport on Tuesday there were some students on the same flight from years above and they sorted out our taxis to dorms for us. They've all been amazing help settling us in, taking us out for drinks and telling us where to buy paint, which shops to go to etc.

Me, Sian and Roxie who all went to Aberystwyth together all have rooms next to each other and we've spent the last 3 days decorating our rooms - when we arrived they were bright orange and yellow!
It's now white and grey but I need to unpack and get photos tomorrow as it looks like a building site at the moment!

I have the most amazing view from my room on the eighth floor...

...and I can't wait to see it in the Autumn and Winter.

We've been into town and to Tesco a couple times and as it was Roxie's birthday yesterday we went for a nice meal together at Napoli's which was really nice and really cheap!

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