Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dorm Crawl weekend

Today was pretty much a complete write off 'cos we had a Dorm Crawl party last night, starting on 9th floor and making our way down the building visiting various rooms.
A bottle of Vodka is €3 so you can guess how eventful the night was...

We went to Club Ibiza at about 1am and I don't really remember much apart from it being rammed full of people and full of cigarette smoke as they smoke indoors here - maybe somewhere to avoid in future.

This afternoon we went into town to get Subway and to try and find a few bits and came back with nothing we went for.

I want an Academic Planner/man diary and have been one on Amazon for £5 but they want £7.50 to deliver it to Slovakia.
Roxie wants a plug for her sink and nowhere seems to sell them - same with Mosquito nets for our windows, lots of places have them on their windows but we want to buy them and they just don't exist in the shops?!

We've only been in Slovakia for 2 weeks and I'm already missing things from home - all the shops have amazing bakery sections with wierd and wonderful breads, right angled pain au chocolat but they don't do cookies, also houmous doesn't exist in Slovakia so I've bought chickpeas, garlic and lemon to make my own.
We did go into Marks & Spencer in town and they have an M&S Food shop! We stocked up on all the essentials; Breakfast tea bags, Percy Pigs, chicken soup and chocolate digestives.

About 6 months ago and before I knew I was coming, I bought tickets to see Sam Smith in October for me and the brothers but now I'm here I don't know if I'll be able to get home for it.
It's on a Tuesday so would mean missing a couple lectures, flying into London and then getting the train up to Nottingham then getting back to London and flying back to Kosice - apart from the long journey it's also money I don't have to waste on flights at the moment so might have to miss out this time :/

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