Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Early start

We were up in the middle of the night again this morning for a Slovak lecture starting at 7am!
The lesson went surprisingly well as the teacher was really nice and had perfect English - we were surprised at how many words we'd picked up in just a few weeks of being here.
Favourite word so far is Pivo ...beer.

It's gotten considerably colder over the last week and everyone's gone from wearing tshirts and shorts to trousers and hoodies!
We went down to try and find out if we can help out with the uni's horses in the stables attached to the large animal clinic but couldn't find anyone to speak to, let alone someone who speaks English.

I'm going down to tag along with the president of Falconry Club on Sunday to see what they get up to and if its something I'd like to join.
Really looking forward to going and meeting the birds so hope I like it!

I've still not managed to find out about Breeders Club which was mentioned in the prospectus who breed Pigeons, Quail and Chickens for exhibitions but that sounds like something right up my street!
I was planning on bringing my little Brinsea incubator over after Christmas and hatching some chicks in my room like we did in Aber but it doesn't seem like its needed!

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