Sunday, September 21, 2014

Extracurricular Activities

Today, I made hoummous and it was amazing! My breath stinks of garlic, my room stinks of garlic and my hands probably stink of garlic but it was so worth it!

I devoured a mountain of it with a pile of salad + balsamic vinegar :)

I've spent the last hour doing my Latin homework for this week which wasn't difficult, it just took a long time sorting it all out.

I get bored if I have nothing to do so we joined a gym in town last week and I've been looking at 'Interest Clubs' today - the equivalent of societies in UK Uni's - to get some extracurricular hobbies and meet new people.
The Falconry and Raptor Rehabilitation Club sounds really interesting but they aren't looking for any new members this semester - I sent one of the girls a message on Facebook just asking on the off chance and they're happy for me to tag along, see what its all about and if it's something I'd like to join!
A friend has falcons and raptors and used to post lots of pictures on facebook of them out flying and hunting - the bond she had with them looks amazing and something I've always wanted to try. At the moment she has a Goshawk which needs working every day otherwise apparently they go back to their wild state!

Uni have an stable yard next the equine clinic so we're going to see if we can help out there too as I know some people do down and groom the horses, turn them out to pasture and stuff so would be good to get more confidence with loads more horses.
Apparently there's also a 'Breeders Club' who breed chickens, quail, pigeons and guinea pigs for exhibiting and a 'Beekeepers Club' but I've not spoken to or heard anyone talk about those yet.

I also had an interview last weekend with a guy who runs an English teaching school here and was looking for native speakers.
He's offered me 5 classes this week and I can choose to take them all or just take the ones I want - the classes are an 18 year old boy, 21 yo girl, adult female, adult couple and a class of 7-9 year olds.
I think the adults can already speak basic English and are just looking for conversational English which would be fine but not sure about the children. I've said I'll go along and try one lessons and I can always change my mind if the workload gets too much.
At the moment 5 hours a week doesn't sound too much and every penny (or euro) helps when you're a student!

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