Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Summer Placements

Over the last few weeks I've been trying to arrange some Summer Placements - I've already got a few weeks sorted for this year and now I've got a holiday booked, I only have a handful of free days throughout the whole of summer!

The Equine hospital I thought I was spending a week at replied and said placements are minimum of three weeks so I've booked that in for the end of August.
I've applied to work at lots of festivals this summer because the money is great and I enjoy the work, so I'm hoping my placements will fit around working.

I found a large Mixed hospital (Pets, Equine and Farm) on recommendation of a friend which is called Straiton & Partners who are in Penkridge, about 30mins drive from home. I emailed one of the vets also called Lewis and asked about placement for next year so have two weeks booked in for July 2016 - talk about organised!
It looks like a really big practice with 11 vets truly mixed so equal Pets, Equine and Farm - they have the main hospital and then another branch in Rugeley.

Twycross Zoo also replied and said I could apply for a three week placement for 2016 but it would be husbandry focused rather than in their Veterinary Centre which is newly built and looks really good online. I'm not sure what to do now as three weeks is a massive chunk of my summer and it may be better to spend time in practice, especially as I'll be going into 5th year after that!

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