Friday, May 22, 2015

Exam Period; Finals

It's been a couple weeks since we finished lectures and I passed all my credits of first year.

Lots of people have been busy squeezing exams in trying to get home quickly, I started with Diseases of Bees getting a B and a D in Diseases of Fish but I've been concentrating on trying to pass Genetics, in vain.
I had the exam on Wednesday and although I was mostly prepared for it and got good questions, I got stuck on the detail and failed. Most of our exams are oral so I wrote out my questions, explained the first which went well, nearly finished the second question when he asked me what level the teratogens effect. I got stuck and wasn't sure so he just told me to come back and try again.
I've booked in for the July date which is an inconvenience but I guess third time lucky!
He's renowned for being a tough examiner and there are 7 of us coming back in summer to sit it so hopefully we'll be ok.

I stayed up until 5am this morning revising for General Micro which I had at 8am.
Despite the late night (early morning?) I managed to get a B which I was happy with. A trip to Maccies ensued followed by a decent power nap this afternoon.

I'm going to try and do Practical and Special Micro exams next week, Virology the week after then Histology will be my last so when that's done I can go home for summer!

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