Thursday, May 14, 2015

Peregrine Falcon with Bumblefoot

Brigid and I picked up a new bird from the clinic on Monday, a female Peregrine Falcon.
We don't know much about her history, just that she was bought to the clinic from Austria for treatment.
We could see both feet were swollen and hot to the touch, when we picked her up onto the glove she was very unbalanced and shaking slightly so obviously they were painful to stand on.
We thought it was Bumblefoot (which I've seen a few times before in chickens) which reading online can happen in many ways, namely when a talon pierces the skin on the bottom of the foot which heals enclosing bacteria and causes infection, from trauma or from improper perching.
This morning we took her to the clinic and Dr Major one of the vets had a look at her.
He anaesthetised her with gas and had a good look at her feet, confirming it was Bumblefoot in both feet. Using a little scoopy instrument (technical term) he got out the infection, thoroughly cleaned it with Betadine and applied an antibiotic Bumblefoot Cream to dry it all up; the girls bandaged both feet and woke her up.

The clinic made up a solution for us to apply to the bandaged each day to keep it clean and dry it out and we'll take her back to have them re-dressed on Monday.
They used yellow vet wrap but if you look closely you can just see them bandaged up...

I fed her on the glove this afternoon and she seemed much comfier on them already, still using her wings to balance herself a few times but was using her talons to hold food while she ate.

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