Tuesday, March 31, 2015

KISC Veterinary Behaviour Conference

I had a great time at the second Košice International Student Conference weekend led by Chris from VetSchoolDiary; this year the topic was Veterinary Behaviour.

We had three world class speakers over from the UK and Netherlands; Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy a European specialist in Veterinary Behaviour and founder of Animalytics, Kendal Shepherd author of the Canine Ladder of Aggression and Vet and Animal Behaviourist, as well as Vicky Halls RVN and Feline Behaviour Counsellor.

I volunteered to help out on the conference committee so Dan and I were on the registration desk trying to get through 200 people in half an hour...

I was in the Canine stream with Kendal Shepherd and really enjoyed the UK Dangerous Dogs Legislation lectures especially as there were lots of case studies of dogs she's worked with which really showed holes and flaws in the current laws.

On Sunday every delegate attending the conference was given a volume adjustable Multi-Clicker and Kendal did a hands on Clicker Training session with Astrid, Laura's dog which went down really well...

Sunday evening after the conference we took the speakers out for dinner to Rosto's Steakhouse and then to Collusseum for drinks 

Had an awesome weekend and I can't wait for next year - preparation for that begins in two weeks!

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  1. Great blog Lewis! Well done on doing an excellent job organising the symposium with your classmates. We all had a great time too. good luck with the rest of your studies. Best wishes, Valerie.