Monday, March 9, 2015

Barn Owl

Falconry Club were given a new bird today, a young Barn Owl.
We don't know how old she is or her previous history, not even sure she's a girl but that's what the vets called her so we're going with that for now. She was really dirty when they picked her up from the clinic, presumably from the way she was transported, so she looks a bit scruffy.

She's really nervous and obviously never been handled so the girls put jesses (soft leather leg tethers) on her legs and perched her inside.
Once I'd finished feeding MC I sat inside with the owl on my glove for an hours just to get her used to people, which is called manning.

Michelle said she'd like me and Barbora to work with her so I'm really excited about having a new bird to work with!

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