Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luna the Barn Own

We've had the Barn Owl a week now and she is much better than she was last week but still very nervous.
We've been spending a few hours with her each day sat on the glove walking round campus so she gets more used to being with people as well as seeing the other birds and animals.
She's not been toe dusting or baiting off the glove as much as she was and if she does bait, she rights herself and jumps back on the glove instead of hanging upside down. 
She had been refusing food all last week but finally ate a whole chick cut up into chunks yesterday sat on my glove, then today she took some pigeon from Lucy's hand and off the glove.

She tends to bow a little and scan you from side to side with her eyes, especially when you have food - even when it's on the glove in front of her sometimes she has bad aim and misses it. We're unsure if this is normal behaviour for her or something slightly neurological because none of the previous owls in the club have displayed this.

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