Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vets in Aber

Second day at the vets and a quiet one..
We only had 2 surgeries booked in, and neither of them happened!

A man bought a stray cat in, with no microchip etc and needed spaying. She was anaesthetised and shaved ready for the op, just before opening her up the vet saw some scars... She'd already been done!
Were the scars from where she'd been done and they could feel dimple so no need to open her up to check.

Also had a dog in which had dislocated his hip so they put a plate and screws into it last week but he wasn't walking on it + it was crunching a bit when it moved in one particular way.
They thought they'd have to cut the head of the femur off but after X rays it looked ok and they couldn't see a problem so rather than causing more damage and maybe damage to the plate and screws they decided to leave it.

We did have quite a few Lambings in though which I went downstairs to watch, and a few caesarians which are always interesting!
"Kilo" my pet lamb weighs just that, 1kg, but we had a lamb from a caesarian which was 9kg's!

Had a calf in with Salmonella which needed bottle feeding with Life-Aid so I helped do that - barrier nursing so had to wear gloves and wellies so we could dip them after.

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