Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aber Vets

Been to the Vets in Aber today!
I needed to book Sherlock (my house rabbit) in for castration so asked if I could watch the op when I booked him him. Kate, one of the vets who also does our Equine lectures said I could stay and see practice for the day!

Got there about 9ish with Sherlock, met everyone and Nige showed me round. They have a lab and a few other bits as other labs + practices are so far away!
First of all there was a rabbit who had a lump removed from the top of her head. There was a calf downstairs which was looking really bad, pneumonia, under a heat lamp + and on a drip with glucose. Didn't improve much over the whole day though :(

I took the dogs from kennels for walks around the garden + car park for a loo-break and to stretch their legs. Molly one of the dogs had an operation on her back leg a couple days ago so I had to keep a cold compress on it for 15 mins every hour or 2 to keep swelling down and help ease the pain a bit.

Saw a cat castrate on a black stray the vets had adopted and were looking for a home for.
There was a dog in looking toxic with an obstruction that'd been there a couple days before the owner bought it in. They took X Rays and we had a feel, it felt like a rubber ball and the X ray showed something there but couldn't work out what it was. They opened him up to have a look, found it to take out but we couldn't work out what it was! After cleaning it could tell it was rubber, I thought it was the bit off the handle of a lead but the owner didn't know what it was either.

I weighed Sherlock (1.8kg) and we have him anaesthetic. Rabbits are hard to intubate but they got a tube down his trachea for anaesthetic. I watched the castration, they sutured him up and sometimes have to use glue but he was fine. He's really grumpy and not eating, refused chocolate drops + all his other treats but managed to get him to eat some carrot. Have tramadol to give him for the next 2 days!

Kate went out the back to see a ewe someone had brought in which was carrying triplets which were stuck, she managed to get them all out after a struggle but were all dead.

Near the end of the day John, one of the vets, was going out to see a cow which calved twins yesterday + was down. I followed him in my car, she was really dehydrated and looking toxic. We checked her teats + looked like E. coli mastitis so wasn't looking good. We gave her antibiotics and put a stomach tube into her. I pumped 3 bucket's worth of water and rehydration powder into her to get some fluids back into her.
(Edit: I asked John and she'd died the next day)

Back to the vets to pick up Sherlock + eventually got home about half 6, had a really good day though :)

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