Friday, March 9, 2012

Busy night Lambing

Had a really busy night lambing tonight with Cody + Petal!
53 lambs born including loads of triplets, 2 sets of Quads and not many singles so we couldn't even adopt them all off to balance numbers and give each ewe 2.

We had one single Lleyn ewe that was trying to lamb a big lamb which presented with just 2 front legs crossed over and no head. We really struggled to get the legs back in and head back forwards and knew by that time that the lamb was dead (you can tell they aren't moving, won't suck your finger and don't pull their legs back) so just had to get it out.
We got the head through the pelvis without the legs to try and get it out that way but it wasn't coming out. Eventually we had to get the farmer out to help us... as the lamb was dead he had to cut its neck to get the head off, pull one leg out and off to then get the other leg out followed by its body.
Gave the ewe some antibiotics hope she's ok!

2012 lambs: 81 + tonight's 53 = 134

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