Monday, February 20, 2012

Started Lambing for 2012!

Started lambing at again for this year! :)
At the farm in New Cross for a few weeks and then we start at the Uni farm mid-March. Working 9pm 'til 6am and still have lecture but we'll be fine!
Is an Organic sheep farm with about 1,500 ewes so there should be double that in lambs!

My first triplet lambs of 2012!
Don't look v cute like that but they soon do as they dry off and clean up a bit.

Was there with Cody + Sian tonight but there's the same 4 of us that did last year and will be doing the nights between us.
We've got a new little terrier farm-dog with us this year called Smot. Jessie + Carlo are still there, Jacko has died since last year :(

Had a ewe down with Hypocalcaemia / Twin Lamb disease so injected 50ml of calcium under her skin and she improved a bit before we left.
Lamb count for tonight: 16

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