Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Plan for Uni Lambing 2012

We all had a think over the weekend, I asked everyone for dates they can and can't do and made a rota...

We need to cover 6 weeks worth of nights between the 4 of us, but Becky + Sian are going home after 2 weeks for Easter so that's down to Me + Cody.

The first 3 weeks will be busiest for the ewes with the majority of lambs born so will need 2 lambers each night. The plan is we'll do it in pairs between the 4 of us then for the 1st week of Easter I'll stay up for the week to lamb and bring my brother up!
Cody is doing the next week so I'll go home then I'm back to Aber.

Hopefully it'll work!

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