Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lambing; Leap year!

Lambing with my friends Petal + Rose tonight, they've never been Lambing before so hope I was a good teacher! :P

We had a single ewe that had been lambing for an hour, gave her calcium and her cervix wouldn't open. In the end it had been 4 hours and the farmer said we just had to force her cervix open. He had to come out + sort her out.

I spoke to the Vet who does our Equine lectures and asked about pain killers for problem lambings and for prolapses.
She said whenever she has a problem lambing she gives an epidural as pain killer but she could give the farmer some local anaesthetic to use for the sheep. There are none painkillers specifically for sheep so they're all used off-licence. Will have a word with the farmer!

Lamb count: 46 + 7 = 53

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