Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've been to Bristol Uni today to 'Vetquest' to go and have a look around.
Chris' parents drove us down there, and we arrived at about 9.30 and signed in, then the lectures started at 10.15.
There were lectures from a small, farm and equine vets and then about going into research as a career, all were given from teaching staff at the Uni and a fourth year student. There are benefits of both; large are out all day on call all over the place, whereas small are in one practice, but both stressed how hard work they are.
After that we had a tour around the campus, which was much bigger than I expected and seemed to have everything they needed and more. There is a dairy unit, a sheep farm, a huge equine centre, pigs, kennels a cattery, a small animal vets, an abattoir and post-mortem labs all on site, aswell as 2 lecture theatres and many other buildings.
It was a mish-mash of old buildings, and some were still being built but it all fitted together really well.
The lectures in the afternoon were from the Admissions Tutor and a 4th year vet student, and they explained about work experience, interviews and personal statements and about all the worries of becoming a vet and how to deal with them.
After that we had drinks and drove home, and got back just after 7.

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