Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Vets - Ivor Jones Veterinary Practice

I've just been to the vets around the corner to have another look at how they are getting on, and its looking really good. Most of the internal walls are up and most are plastered. The layout of the rooms has changed a bit from before.
As you walk in there is an open plan reception which will have seating in it, which will have a big curved desk with cupboards behind it with pet foods, wormers, flea treatments etc for customers to buy. Then off the reception there is a consulting room either side, so there will be 2, then as you walk through the one consultation room it leads to a big scrubs room with a big sink to bathe dogs, and to wash your hands, which will also be a recovery room for post-op animals, off that to one side is the kennels, with the other side going to an operating and x-ray room. There is also another external door leading out from the kennels so that dogs don't have to walk through the consultations rooms and reception.
Then upstairs there will be a big office and staffroom. It will mainly be a small animal vets, and there is also an equine section next to it, with an Artificial Insemination unit and also Embryonic Transfer.

Outside the foundations for the stables are built, but the walls haven't been done yet. There will be one or 2 stables, a small lab and one stable will act as an operating room for minor operations, any major ops will have to be referred.
There will 2 or 3 vets based at the practice, and one or two nurses.
The practice is going to be called 'Ivor Jones Veterinary Practice' and is aiming to open in May. The equine will open a bit later in the summer.

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