Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lambing - Day 2

The clocks changed today, so I got to the farm just after 9.
Louise and Sally (Louise's sister) had just finished feeding the sheep, so I put straw in all the pens while they changed the hays and then we all changed the waters.
There was a lamb which had got through the fence in one of the top fields and was in with the horses which was running up and down the fence line. John told me to go up and put it over the fence, which I went up to try to do and failed miserably because it just kept running away. I went back down to admit defeat and John told me to get on the back of the quad bike. I jumped on, we drove up to the field and rounded the lamb into a corner. We both jumped off and John grabbed it and popped it over the fence - "Easy" 8-)
John brought down his bigger 2 storey trailer and I helped him to load that up - the lambs went in the front 1/3 of the trailer and the ewes went in the back, the same up and downstairs.
While John was taking the lambs and ewes to the fields, I got out the newborn lambs and the ewes into the spare pens that we had just freed up. I gave them some Spectam and dipped their navels in Iodine.
There is a pen of 6 cade lambs, which I bottle fed with milk replacer and also fed a few smaller lambs who's moms didn't have much milk.
I helped Louise to prepare the bigger lambs ready to go outside, while she trimmed the ewes feet and wormed them. After lunch we sent a few more ewes and lambs out in the little trailer and quad bike and the last 2 were going up to one of the fields which needed checking. We put the 2 single lambs in the front and I got in the back with the 2 ewes - Sally drove up up, through the field of hoggets (young males) and into the field we needed to put the lambs in. I shut the gate behind us and tied one of the strings. We dropped the sheep off and then drove round checking that all of the lambs and ewes are alright. We got back up to the top by that gate and the hoggets were just pushing through the gate into the field we were in! Me and Sally ran up to them and they went back into their field quite easily, but they took our ewe and a lamb with them. I ran and picked up the lamb, but the ewe just ran off. Eventually after 10 minutes she came back to her lamb. We went through and double knotted 2 strings on the gate and went back down to the farm. We fed changed the waters, fed all of the sheep and after I'd bottle fed the cade lambs, I left at quarter to 5.

I'm in Scotland next week, so I'll be back the week after.

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