Saturday, March 5, 2016

Vegan Party

Ok, so a Vegan Party sounds like the dullest thing in the world... but my brother was here and it was going on in dorms so we went along.

Basically everyone cooks or prepares Vegan food and we have a mini feast with drinks and music and it was pretty good!

We had curry with rice, burgers with homemade buns, potato wedges, nut roast, pizza and even croquettes all the way from Cyprus!
Nat and I made three types of hummus (plain, garlic and paprika) with breadsticks and carrot sticks.
Brigid made Oreo cupcakes which were awesome, Sarah made carrot cake with dates which was amazing and one of the girls made flapjacks which were, ok... Let's just say there were loads left at the end and no one wanted to take them home.

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