Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Placement

I'm back home in the UK for Easter and have been seeing practice with my local Small Animal hospital for just over a week.

I love going back there as I know the vets and get on really well with the team of nurses. 
I've felt a lot more useful this time around as I can help prep surgery kits and leave consults to collect drugs for the vet; I'm trying to learn Pharmacology of commonly used drugs so kept my Formulary close by.
Vets have asked a few questions in front of clients in consults but nothing too taxing so I survived... anything I didn't know, I made sure I knew next time and I won't forget!

Chris, one of the new grad vets I went to school with, has recently left and moved down South so they've had two locums in. It was great to ask questions and learn how things are done differently in other practices.
Now that I've been a few times it was nice to recognise a few patients and follow up on the cases. Particularly cats with Hyperthyroid and Diabetes which are in fairly regularly so I've seen them a few times. The owners recognised me and have been asking home I'm getting on - though lots of people forgot which country I study in! Usually get Hungary, Slovenia and even America!

On Thursday, just before the Bank Holiday weekend, we had a Border Terrier in for a Caesarian section. She had two big healthy boys and we speyed get at the same time as she'd had a c-section previously so the breeder took the decision to neuter her.

I'm flying back to uni today so I took in a few boxes of cakes to say thanks for having me!

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