Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Small Animal Hospital at UVM Kosice Vet School

We were given a tour of the new Small Animal Hospital today and I'm amazed at how good it was!
Walking in the new entrance there is a massive reception and waiting room divided for dogs and cats, of which comes off the cosult rooms. Behind that is a suite of operating theatres all with automatic doors and pass-through cupboards behind to maintain sterility throughout.
To get into the sterile areas there are two automatic doors which act as a lock, in which you have to get changed into sterile clothing; the clean-side door won't open until the dirty-side door is shut behind you.

Downstairs there are purpose built rooms for MRI and CT scanners as well as massive operating theatres able to hold whole classes viewing surgery.
The theatre control panels are suspended on arms from the ceiling so that they can be moved around the room and have controls for lighting and video as well as gas, suction and trays for sterile instrument packs.

There is also a hydrotherapy room which is something I've not seen firsthand before, only read about and seen on TV shows like Supervet. Also a lameness suite with cameras to detect subtle changes in movement and gait; included in here is a treadmill with force place which animals are exercised on to see how much weight they are (or aren't) putting on each leg.

All the building works have now been completed and most of the large equipment is in, they are just finishing up fitting it out. It is due for completion this summer so I guess the surgery department will move in and then have a grand opening in September.

We're really lucky that as 4th years, we will be the first class (next year) to use the facilities and be in the new clinic for our staże, or rotations as we'd call them in the UK.

I didn't get any photos today so you'll have to do with old progress photos...
Before and after, taken from down at Falconry:

Few progress photos over the last year:


  1. Hello. My name is Sónia and I'm a veterinary student in the 5th year at University of Lisbon, Portugal. Probably next year I'll be visiting Kosice under the Erasmus+ programme ( I'm still not sure if I choose Kosice or Ljubljana). My major interests are surgery, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Do you know if this services that you describe (CT and MRI scanners, hidrotherapy, etc) are normally requested by the clients? Besides that, I would like to know if you have a feedback about the traineeships in the small animal clinic.
    Thank you for your blog. I'm looking forward for your response.

    1. Hey, the clinic only officially opened on Friday so I don't know how often the services will be used yet. The hydrotherapy looks great but I haven't seen the MRI scanner and as you say, it will be expensive for clients when available.
      If you email the Foreign Office they can put you in contact with the head of the clinic