Thursday, February 4, 2016

All done with Anatomy

I've just done (and passed) my Anatomy II Final!

We finished Anatomy I last Christmas so this was a year long module covering splanchnology (internal organs), blood, lymph and the nervous system as well as birds and lab animals, with credit tests every week.

It's been really interesting and nice to see how everything comes together - blood vessels and nerves were much harder than the bones in that we have to learn all the branches, interspecies differences and sometimes you can't even see the vessels!
Lena, a friend from Norway, and I studied for nearly two weeks in the study room, writing out and reciting various parts of the body, branches of this and that and watching videos we'd made in class.
The written part of the exam was the toughest bit as we can be questioned on any minute detail from the books. After we'd passed that we moved to the anatomy dissection labs for the practical exam.

On each of the four tables was a different system with fresh, dried and models of various organs and systems.
Luckily we passed! I didn't get top marks but I did better than I expected to and was really pleased to have got it done. Nerves got in the way but I think after studying so hard we deserved to pass!

Now we move on to Pathological Anatomy...

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