Sunday, April 26, 2015

Summer EMS Placements

I've been busy updating my CV this weekend to make it all veterinary focused and condensing it from 3 and a half to two pages in order to try and sort some EMS (Extra-Mural Studies) placements this summer.

Information I found online says UK vet students roughly have to do:
- Preclinical EMS Phase (Years 1 & 2) minimum of 12 weeks:
      2 weeks Lambing
      2 weeks Dairy
      2 weeks Pig or Poultry
      2 weeks Equine
      2 weeks Veterinary Hospital/Vet Nursing
      2 weeks free choice
- "Preparatory" Clinical EMS Phase (Year 3) around 6 weeks.
- Clinical EMS Phase (Years 4 & 5) minimum 20 weeks.

Ideally I'd like to follow that but we're limited out here in that I'd do mojority of my placements in the UK and we don't have an Easter holiday to go Lambing.
Though saying that, I've done 8 years of Lambing and quite a bit with Poultry so it would probably be more beneficial for me to get equine and large animal placements.

I've sent a few emails to vets asking for placements over summer and so far I have arranged a week in a small animal clinic, another small animal and then a week in an equine veterinary centre which will be really good as I've not really done much equine.
I'm struggling to find a Large Animal practice near home because we don't really have the demand for it in Birmingham, there are a few in Staffordshire I can email and I've love to go back to Ystwyth in Aber, would just need to find accomodation.

I've also emailed Twycross Zoo about a placement for summer 2016 and they've fully booked until February next year - that would be a three week placement, hopefully spent in the Veterinary Centre as by then I'd be approaching my 5th-post BSc year.

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