Sunday, April 12, 2015

AkvaTera Košice

This morning I went with friends to an Aqua Terra exhibition and sale organised by AkvaTera.
Slovakia and Czech Republic are really into their exotics and aquarium fish with Czech being one of the biggest exporters of tropical fish in the world, nearly 30 million US dollars worth!

We arrived not really knowing what to expect at 11am (it opened at 9am) to queues of people outside - we queued for about 20 minutes, paid our €1 entrance and went inside...
The hall was full of tables of snakes, lizards, spiders and insects all in handy little pots and containers with prices ready to be bought and taken home.
There were lots of tortoise hatchlings with Hermanns, Horsfields and Leopards with prices from €20 (£14) upwards!
I paid £195 for Hughie my Hermanns tortoise around 10 years ago.

The terrariums and vivariums they had for sale were awesome, either empty or already decked out with shelves, caves and light fittings.
It doesn't look very big in the photo but I spotted this which would be awesome for a Leopard Gecko for €18.

Sarah was really tempted to buy a lizard or tortoise but she'd not really thought it through so will do some research and come back in September when she's decided what she can do with it long term and during the holidays.

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