Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Veterinary Hospital at University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice

A friend posted a link to an article here in Korzar about a new Veterinary Hospital being built at UVM.

The article, roughly translated into English says:
"Pet owners have reason to Rejoice; the campus of the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy (UVLF) is to build the first hospital for animals.

The University has already handed over the construction site with a [multi storey] hospital, which according to the contract should be completed by October.

With a floor area of ​​2,296 square meters, it will include a Department of Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Infectious, CT clinic with MRI magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray and operating areas, as well as an accident and emergency.
Small Animals can be hospitalized if necessary as in a classical hospital.
The Veterinary Hospital [specifically for small animals] was approved in the long-term plan of the University in 2012.

"With it provides quality of Veterinary continuous care in the category of small animals and also a more attractive workplace clinics for students, educators, scientists, as well as patients and owners" says newly elected Rector UVLF John Mojžišová."

The hospital is part of MEDIPARK (Biomedical University science park in Kosice; an international center for applied research in the field of Biomedicine) and the total investment amounts to 2.64 million euros.
It constitutes an 85 grant from EU structural funds, 10 per cent funding from the state budget and the remaining 5 percent, which is 132,000 euros, paid university from its own resources."

It's fantastic news that there's so much investment coming into the Uni from multiple sources and it will only increase the number of international students to bring in even more money and of course improve the reputation of the school.


  1. Being able to have your pet stay in a hospital for several days seems like something that really can be great for serious problems that happen with your cat. I personally like the idea because my sister has a dog that has some difficult times ahead, and being able to have a hospital like this will make having to go to the hospital everyday easier. Something that also stands out is that there are not that many hospitals that can do this for small animals. Thank you for sharing. http://swfveterinaryspecialists.com/w/

  2. I wonder if the university is going to try and make this hospital available for the vet students. I think that would be a perfect idea because a lot of jobs like veterinarians need to have hands on learning. You can learn from a book, but it is a lot better for the students to learn by helping out in the hospital. http://www.akronvet.com/surgery/