Thursday, January 22, 2015


So this morning I failed my Genetics Final...

It's an oral exam where we're given 3 questions from a list of 80, given 30 minutes to write our answers and then we present them to the lecturer. My topics were Meiosis; Blood Groups; and GMO's and Health Care.

I started with my weakest question, Meiosis and after 10 minutes of trying to explain the different phases and stages of Prophase, he stopped me and basically stopped me and said I wasn't ready for the exam and to come back and try again.
He's not the nicest lecturer I've met but to be fair to him he put me at ease and was really nice about it, so I think it was fair enough.

I'm glad I tried the exam because at least now I know I underestimated how much work I should have put in and the amount of detail required for the questions, so I'll be more prepared come the summer.

I was meant to be doing my Anatomy Final on Monday (in 3 days time) but after today I decided that's not long enough to revise and so have cancelled that and applied to do it the following Monday - I guess that's one benefit of having oral exams, that we can choose when to sit them!

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