Sunday, December 14, 2014

Semester 1 of Vet School

I survived Semester 1 of Vet School!

I've finally passed all my Credit tests meaning I can start Spring Semester, just need to take the Finals but that can be done any time up until August.
I've already done the Slovak Final and got 97%, though it was really easy and she checked our papers before we handed them in, and am planning on taking a few this week; Latin, Anatomy and Milk Hygiene & Technology.

I'm leaving Genetics until after Christmas and really not looking forward to that, he's not a very nice man so people are scared of him and you really have to know your stuff or he'll fail you straight away - sometimes even if you know what you're saying, if its not in his words or if he doesn't understand you because of the language barrier he will fail you. There are 3 people in our class who have had to do 'Compensation tests' to prove they have grasped Genetics before he'll even let them sit the Credit test. I'm planning on coming back a days before my exam in January to revise, sit the exam and then depending on the date I'll go back home for a few weeks or go skiing and visit Budapest or Bratislava.

It was by 23rd Birthday on Thursday but because I had exams on Thursday and Friday I didn't do anything and celebrated on Friday instead.
The 12 of us in our half of the year group went out for food at Burekas an Israeli restaurant then for drinks at Smelly Cat and Piano; we had a good night and was really nice to spend time with the group outside Uni.
People have been stressed for the last few weeks and realised we need to let our hair down and spend time with each other, which hopefully we'll do more now.

We've had 4 exams a week for the last 3 or 4 weeks so all I want to do is sleep and I cannot wait to get home for Christmas and spend time with the family!

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