Monday, December 1, 2014

Busy couple of weeks

It's been a bit hectic here and was really grumpy and bogged down last week.
We had 3 credit tests last week, 4 this week, 3 or 4 next week and then it's the end of term so have Final Exams to start before Christmas!

Last week was Anatomy, Latin and Histology 2 this week we have Histology 3, Slovak, Anatomy and Physiology - next week is the massive Genetics test, Anatomy and then probably retakes of Histology 3 and Latin.

The weekend before last I didn't leave the house all weekend apart from going to feed Clarence and was bored out of my brains being stuck in dorms so I was grumpy last week but then we had
Matriculation Ball on Friday which was really good; this weekend we just went into town, went to Tesco and hung out with people so felt like we actually did something with the weekend.

The Christmas light switch on is this Friday so I think we're all going to that, followed by a Christmas jumper party which should be good.

One decent thing we had was a Milk Hygiene practical testing loads of different types of cheeses.
Next week is milk powders, condensed milk and ice cream!

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