Friday, November 21, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Just back from nearly a week at home and longer than I planned to be away!

I flew to Luton on Saturday where I met a friend and travelled up to The National Poultry Show.

Sunday we were at the show until lunch then I went home for Sunday Lunch with the family, in the evening a couple friends came round and we had an impromptu trip to the Birmingham Christmas Markets. It seems much better this year with quirky things for sale compared to the same stuff we've bought every year for the last 5 years.

Monday I went down to London and met Lidds the girlfriend - we were gonna go shopping but I couldn't fit any more in my hand luggage so I couldn't buy anything.
I also saw my beloved Nandos after 10 weeks.

Tuesday morning I was meant to come back to Uni, up at 5.30am but someone was faffing doing her hair and putting contacts in so I missed the early train which meant I was late getting to the airport... I rushed through security and got to the boarding gate but they'd shut it and I missed my flight!

I could see the queue of passengers but even on the plane but they wouldn't let me through.
£60 Missed Flight Fee and booked onto Wednesdays flight...

I went back to Lidds' and slept most of the day while she was at work, got Dominos on Tuesday night then up extra early on Weds to do it all again.

I was early on Weds and caught the flight, back in time to go and teach an English lesson then went straight to Anatomy self study.

Yesterday I had the Anatomy exam (muscles of the neck and face) and was über lucky to get a C considering I'd only revised for one day!

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