Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Genetics Karyotyping - Chromosomal Analysis

Today we had a Genetics practical in which we examined chromosomes from samples of bovine blood and bone marrow which I collected in clinic last week.

We also used Mouse bone marrow samples which we harvested in a previous practical.

We were then given random unmarked slides which we had to find and count the number of chromosomes to identify the species and sex of the specimen.

My slide had 38 chromosomes, 19 pairs, which could have been a Cat or a Pig but I worked out it was a pig from the market chromosomes; the smallest chromosome wasn't half the size of the second smallest, meaning it was a pig.
There was no Y sex chromosome so I also determined that it was a female or sow.

Maxime's slide had 46 chromosomes which is a Human karyotype!

Pretty awesome that I'm only in the eighth week of Vet School but we have already collected blood and bone marrow from three species of animals - Rabbits, Mice and Cows.

Homework we've been given is a photo similar to the chromosomes above which we have to determine species, marker chromosomes and sex then cut them out and arrange the Karyotype according to international rules!

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