Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lambing overload

Because of all the changes in staff there's a much happier atmosphere on the farm this year so if they ask us to stay a few hours extra, we're happy to do it!
I think that now we've been here 3 years, the other staff respect us a bit more and trust us to do things without them having to check up that we've done the job properly.

One week when both of the other lambers were away, Cody and I did somehow end up doing a 27 hour shift, only leaving the farm in the Defender to go to Morrisons and McDonalds for breakfast but after too many cups of coffee we did it ...and we won't moan when we get paid for it!

We've had visits from Uni security when sheep have been on the main road into town so we had to race up there in the Pickup truck, herd the sheep back into the field and then tie hurdles to the fences to keep the sheep in!

If they offered us a job for a year working on the farms I think we'd both snatch it up and have an awesome time!

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