Thursday, March 21, 2013

Uni Farm Lambing 2013

We're lambing on the Uni Farm again this year and it's completely different!

Loads has changed - there's a new farm manager, head shepherd (well, we don't have one at the moment!), we're covering most nights and all the staff seem happier. The 2 main lads Tom and Hefin are younger than the old one so we get on really well with them.

We've been doing most nights (12 hours which end up running over to 14 hours most nights) so practically living on the farm and they've put us on the vehicles insurance so we can drive round the farms, into town or home in the Uni vehicles!

Get to choose from the 2 pick up trucks, Land Rover Defender, a quad bike or a hundred odd tractors! haha
My favourite at the moment is the Defender!

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